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If you have any images of:

animation stills character designs background designs
story board designs illustration styles photos mixed with animation

We would be glad to view them and hopefully add them to ANIMATION STYLES.COM!

The advantages to you are the following:

Many of our clients in the advertising/film industries view this site when choosing styles for their animations - We keep details of all animators & illustrators in our database so that If one of our clients chooses to pursue a certain style, we could get in touch with you to assist.
Any work of yours on the site will be fully credited in your name where it's shown
A unique opportunity for you to showcase your work to a wide audience
We will also be more aware of your skills and may choose to get in touch with you should there be any relevant work

If you're interested then email any samples of your portfolio & we will keep you posted in regards to putting them on the site:

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