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Searching for an animation style that will REALLY connect with your audience?
The mood of any animation very often stems from a well thought through background style
Browse through this compilation of animation background styles to help decide the look of your show, film, commercial or website and visualize the world your characters live in..
» Mixed Animation Styles Home    » 3D CGI Animation Styles    » Cute Animation Styles    » Super Funky Animation Styles    » Quirky Animation Styles    » Super Simple Animation Styles    » Traditional Hyper Real Animation Styles    » 3D Model Animation Styles    » Futuristic Animation Styles    » Mixed Animated Character Styles Home    » 3D CGI Animated Cartoon Character Styles    » Cute Animated Cartoon Character Styles    » Super Funky Animated Cartoon Character Styles    » Quirky Animated Cartoon Character Styles    » Super Simple Animated Cartoon Character Styles    » Traditional Hyper Real Animated Cartoon Character Styles    » 3D Rough Freehand Animated Cartoon Character Styles    » Fantasy Science Fiction Animated Cartoon Character Styles    » Mixed Animation Background Styles Home    » Classic Traditional Animation Background Styles    » Funky Animation Background Styles    » Loose Sketchy Animation Background Styles    » Simple Minimalist Animation Background Styles    » Painted Animation Background Styles    » Wild Animation Background Styles    » Beautiful Animation Background Styles    » 3D CGI Animation Background Styles    » Mixed Animation Illustration Styles Home    » Cartoon Illustration Styles    » Fantasy Science Fiction Illustration Styles    » Mixed Media Illustration Styles    » Mixed Animation Story Boards Illustration Styles Home    » Pencil Drawn Illustrated Story Boards Styles    » Painted Animation Story Board Styles    » Cartoon Comic Strip Story Board Styles